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*****************Windows XP Batman Alvirgn second s in March and the strongest programe************************

Version built by most definitions SATA , and certainly is sp3 and contain Internet Explorer 8 in addition to Media Player 11 and the last s are necessary and safe , as there is version latest releases from most of the programs essential user needs as well as an impressive array of themes aesthetic , which I hope to gain admiration of everyone sp3- - internet explorer 8 & media player 11
Version is very very fast in use and installed it takes a period of not more than 22 minutes next to the programs that came
as he was the copy on the experience of most of the device was working with the utmost efficiency devices with different capabilities .


ชื่อ : Windows Batman xp V.2
ระบบ : Windows xp sp3 Professional
วันที่ : 18 มีนาคม 2012
ผู้จัดทำ : Ahmed Youssef
ขนาดไฟล์ : 505 MB
ซีดีคีย์หรือซีเรียล : ใส่ให้พร้อมติดตั้ง
ฺBootable CD
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