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    Lightbulb Top Paid Android Apps Pack (02 January 2018) [CracksNow]

    Top Paid Android Apps Pack (02 January 2018) [CracksNow]

    It contains mostly paid and full version Apps.

    List Of Apps :-

    APP - 1Tap Cleaner Pro v3.21 [Paid].apk
    APP - 3C Toolbox Pro v1. [Patched].apk
    APP - 3D Abstract Particle Plexus Live Wallpaper v1.0.11 [Paid].apk
    APP - A+ VCE Silver Player v5.9.18 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Adobe Photoshop Express Easy & Quick Photo Editor v4.0.421 [Premium] ARM.apk
    APP - Adobe Photoshop Express Easy & Quick Photo Editor v4.0.421 [Premium] x86.apk
    APP - Animated Christmas Alarm Clock v1.6.apk
    APP - Antutu 3DBench v7.0.2.apk
    APP - Assistive Touch - Quick Ball v1.2 build 17 [VIP].apk
    APP - Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care v1.3.6 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.7.9 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - bxActions - Bixby Button Remapper v4.40 build 202 [Pro].apk
    APP - Calculator - Simple & Stylish v1.8.7 [Pro].apk
    APP - Call Meter 3G THE monitor app (Donate) v3.11.14.apk
    APP - Camera360 v9.0.2 [Mod].apk
    APP - Car dashdroid-Car infotainment v2.9.12 [Premium].apk
    APP - COL Reminder v3.3.2 build 332 [Donate].apk
    APP - Daily Workouts v5.12 [Paid].apk
    APP - Darkroom Gallery v9.2.1 [Premium].apk
    APP - DegooL VIP Premium Tips v2.2 Unlocked [Premium].apk
    APP - DiskInfo PRO v4.9.9 (build 6) [Paid].apk
    APP - Display Tester v3.26 [Pro].apk
    APP - Downloader & Private Browser v2.4.47 [Premium].apk
    APP - Droid 3D Live Wallpaper v1.4.apk
    APP - Elite Music Pro v3.6.0 [Paid].apk
    APP - EvolveSMS (Text Messaging) v5.1.7 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - EZ Folder Player v1.2.14 [Paid].apk
    APP - FBReader Premium Book Reader v2.8.8 [Patched].apk
    APP - Fishing Knots v5.17.0418.01 [Pro].apk
    APP - Floating Apps (multitasking) v4.4.4 [Patched] ARM.apk
    APP - Floating Apps (multitasking) v4.4.4 [Patched] ARM64.apk
    APP - Floating Apps (multitasking) v4.4.4 [Patched] x86.apk
    APP - Folio 2 for Facebook & Messenger v2.1.30 build 405 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - FotMob v68.0.4235.20171229 (Unlocked).apk
    APP - Fractal Tree Live Wallpaper -Customisable & Unique v1.10.apk
    APP - FreeFlix HQ v2.2.6 [Pro] ARM.apk
    APP - FreeFlix HQ v2.2.6 [Pro] x86.apk
    APP - Frosbit KWGT v1.0.apk
    APP - Fuel Buddy - Car Management Mileage & Fuel Log v26.6 [Pro].apk
    APP - Full Charge Alarm v4.2.4 [Pro].apk
    APP - G-Stomper Studio_5.6.4.4.apk
    APP - GamesFeed - Upcoming game release v2.3.4 [Premium].apk
    APP - GO Weather Forecast & Widgets v6.124 [Premium].apk
    APP - GPS Compass Navigator v2.19.2 [Pro].apk
    APP - GPS Status & Toolbox v8.0.169 [Pro].apk
    APP - Gratus - promoting good vibes & positivity v2.0.1 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - GymACE Pro Workout & Body Log v1.2.4-pro [Paid].apk
    APP - Haaretz English Edition v3.0.18 [Subscribed].apk
    APP - HyperLoop [Substratum] v1.2 [Patched].apk
    APP - Image To PDF PRO v2.0.apk
    APP - Infinite Painter v6.1.17 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Infinite S8 Icon Pack v1.2.6 [Patched].apk
    APP - KinScreen v4.3.1 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Learn English with ABA English v2.9.0.2 [Premium].apk
    APP - Live Stream Player v4.41 [Pro].apk
    APP - Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.28.1 [Paid].apk
    APP - Lucky.Patcher. Root.apk
    APP - Math Long Division v1.100 [Premium].apk
    APP - Meteogram Pro Weather and Tide Charts v1.11.4 build 579 [Patched].apk
    APP - Microsoft exFAT NTFS for USB by Paragon Software v2.8.6 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
    APP - Microsoft exFAT NTFS for USB by Paragon Software v2.8.6 [Unlocked] ARM64.apk
    APP - Minimal White v1.0 [Patched].apk
    APP - Moon+ Reader Pro v4.4.1 build 441001 Final [Patched].apk
    APP - Moon+ Reader Pro v4.4.1 build 441001 [Mod].apk
    APP - MX Player Pro v1.9.14 [Patched AC3 DTS] ARM.apk
    APP - MX Player Pro v1.9.14 [Patched AC3 DTS] x86.apk
    APP - Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.203 [Patched].apk
    APP - Night Shift Pro - Blue Light Filter for Migraine v2.14 [Paid].apk
    APP - Nostalgia NES Pro v1.16.2.apk
    APP - OfficeSuite Office + PDF Editor v9.2.10785 [Premium].apk
    APP - Omnichan Pro 4chan and 8chan Client v1.10 [Paid].apk
    APP - One click to health PRO v6.1.apk
    APP - Online Radio Yo!Tuner v1.7.1.apk
    APP - Oro Launcher - Launcher with Android O 8.0 Oreo v1.8 [Prime] LIC.apk
    APP - Oro Launcher - Launcher with Android O 8.0 Oreo v1.8 [Prime].apk
    APP - OS 11 iLauncher Phone 8 & Control Center OS 11 v2.2.1 [Pro].apk
    APP - Perfect Remote IPTV cast v1.1.5 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Period Tracker Mia Premium v4.0.5.apk
    APP - PhotoGrid Video & Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor v6.48 build 64800001 [Premium].apk
    APP - PlanIt! Pro for Photographers v8.1 b199 [Paid].apk
    APP - Plexis Icon Pack v1.4 [Paid].apk
    APP - Plexus Matrix Live Wallpaper v1.0.2 [Paid].apk
    APP - POLA Camera - Beauty Selfie, Clone Camera& Collage v1.2.5 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - PornAway Block porn sites v1.0.2 [ROOT].apk
    APP - ProShot v5.3.2 [Patched].apk
    APP - Quick Settings Pro - Toggle & Flashlight v1.9 [Paid].apk
    APP - QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics v3.5.3 build 212 [Premium].apk
    APP - QuitNow! PRO - Stop smoking v5.76.3 [Paid].apk
    APP - Replaio Radio, Music & Talk v1.6.3 [Pro].apk
    APP - Root Booster v3.1.0 [Premium].apk
    APP - Rotation - Orientation Manager v8.0.8 build (98) Full Unlocked.apk
    APP - S S8 Launcher - Galaxy S8 Launcher, theme, cool v3.4 [Prime].apk
    APP - SamMobile v4.1.4 [Premium].apk
    APP - Schulwoerterbuch Box v4.6.99.256 [Premium].apk
    APP - Sensors Toolbox v1.1.3 [Premium].apk
    APP - Shimmer Photoshop Effects Premium v1.2.apk
    APP - Sign for Spotify - Spotify Widgets and Shortcuts v2.3.6 [Paid].apk
    APP - Signal Spy v1.9.9.5 [Pro].apk
    APP - Simple Control(Navigation bar) v2.3.5 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Simple for Facebook Pro v5.3.4 [Patched].apk
    APP - SkanApp hands-free doc scanner v3.59 (Paid).apk
    APP - Sleep as Android v20171228 build 1730 [Unlocked].apk
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.2 build 200122 [Unlocked] ARM.apk
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.2 build 200122 [Unlocked] Icons.rar
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.2 build 200122 [Unlocked] Plugins.rar
    APP - Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.2 build 200122 [Unlocked] x86.apk
    APP - SoundCrowd Music Player v1.7.2 [Premium].apk
    APP - Speedometer GPS Pro v3.7.22 [Patched].apk
    APP - Spyglass v3.8.1 [Pro].apk
    APP - Super Backup & Restore v2.2.08 [Premium].apk
    APP - Swapper v1.99 [Premium] Root.apk
    APP - Swift Light Substratum Theme v2.3 [Patched].apk
    APP - T Battery Pro Monitor v2.0 [Paid].apk
    APP - Talon for Twitter (Plus) v7.0.2 build 1959 [Patched].apk
    APP - Tasker v5.1b4 [Paid].apk
    APP - The NBC App - Watch Live TV and Full Episodes v4.13.0.apk
    APP - Today Weather Forecast v1.2.6.291217 [Premium].apk
    APP - Total Commander v2.81b9 [Mod Lite] ru+en.apk
    APP - Tree of Love - Valentine s day Live wallpaper v1.3.apk
    APP - TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio v19.0.1 [Mod Dark].apk
    APP - Ultra GPS Logger v3.142j [Patched] And 2.3+.apk
    APP - Ultra GPS Logger v3.142j [Patched] And 7.0+.apk
    APP - USB Audio Player PRO v3.8.5 [Paid] need UP.apk
    APP - Wallpapers HD & 4K Backgrounds v4.5.6 [PRO].apk
    APP - Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic s & Live Navigation v4.34.0.902.apk
    APP - Wicap. Sniffer Pro [ROOT] v1.9.3.apk
    APP - Widget Maker full v Premium (8).apk
    APP - WiFi Analyzer Pro v2.0.9 [Paid].apk
    APP - WINDY wind & weather forecast v4.2.20 [Pro].apk
    APP - Wiz Note v7.7.2 [Vip] ARM.apk
    APP - Wiz Note v7.7.2 [Vip] x86.apk
    APP - X-art - HD Porn Movies v1.7.2 [Mod].apk
    APP - YoWindow Weather v2.4.27 [Paid].apk
    APP - Yubico Authenticator v2.0.1 [Patched].apk
    APP - Z Camera - Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage v4.0 build 162 [Vip].apk
    APP - Zello PTT Walkie Talkie v3.91.apk
    APP - Zemana Mobile Antivirus Premium v1.7.0 [Proper Livetime].apk
    APP - Zombie Catchers v1.0.22 [Mod].apk
    APP - [Substratum] Mono Art v16.2 [Patched].apk


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