Android - Only Paid - Week 14 2018 - APPS [AndroGalaxy]
All other uploaders are copying our stuff, so beware they will upload same pack after few days from we have uploaded. From AndroGalaxy you get clean apps and tested and are d to latest version.

1Password Password Manager Pro v6.7.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
8-1 Offline Voice Translator Pro v2.95 [AndroGalaxy].apk
aCalendar Calendar Tasks v1.17.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
AccuWeather Platinum v5.3.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Adguard Premium v2.11.76 Beta [AndroGalaxy].apk
Adobe Photoshop Express v4.0.451 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ADV Screen Recorder v3.2.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
All-in-One Calculator v1.5.7 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
AndroMoney Pro v3.6.8 build 274 [AndroGalaxy].apk
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.40 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ARP Guard (WiFi Security) v2.5.4 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
AutoMate Car Dashboard v2.0.3.2 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Automatic Call Recorder Pro v5.37 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira Antivirus Security 2018 v5.2.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira AppLock v1.0.7 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira Optimizer v1.4 build 232 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
B1 Archiver zip rar unzip Pro v1.0.0070 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Background Video Recorder Pro v1.2.7.8 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Barcode Reader Premium v1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
BitTorrent Torrent Downloads v4.11.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
BlackPlayer EX Premium v20.38 build 266 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
BlockaNet Free Proxy List v1.0.6 Pro [AndroGalaxy].apk
BSPlayer v1.29.194 [AndroGalaxy].apk
busuu Easy Language Learning v13.2.0.60 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
BusyBox Pro v65 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
CalcKit All in One Calculator v2.2.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Recorder by C Mobile v14.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Recorder ACR v28.2 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Ringtones Maker v1.71 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Calls Blacklist PRO Call Blocker v3.2.25 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Cameringo Effects Camera v2.8.25 [AndroGalaxy].apk
CamScanner Phone PDF Creator Full v5.6.0.20180403 [AndroGalaxy].zip
CastBox Free Podcast Player v7.15.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Channel Manager Pro Youtube v1.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Chronus Home & Lock Widget v9.2.4 Final [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Clipboard Manager Pro v2.4.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ClockView Always On Widget v3.70 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].zip
Couple Tracker Phone monitor v1.79 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Dictionary Pro v8.0 build 801 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Do not openRead Me.txt
Do not openTorrent Downloaded From
Download Manager for Android v5.10.12020 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Downloader Private Browser v2.4.53 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Draw On Screen Pro v1.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Duolingo Learn Languages v3.76.2 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
Early Bird Alarm Clock v5.1.0 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
English Tenses Book v152 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Eon Player Pro v3.9 beta 2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ES File Explorer v4. MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
EX Kernel Manager v3.47 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Exodus Live TV v16.0 [Full Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
FBReader Premium Book Reader v2.8.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Fildo v2.9.9.6 [HQ MUSIC STREAMING & DOWNLOADER][AndroGalaxy].apk
File Explorer v7.0.2.0 [PlusRoot][AndroGalaxy].apk
FilmoraGo Free Video Editor v3.1.2 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v5.1.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
FocusTimer Pro Habit Changer v1.7.0.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Follow realtime location v1.9.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Forest Stay focused v4.0.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Free Books Unlimited Library v2.1.1 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Free Music Player Endless Free Songs Premium v1.221 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Free VPN Betternet WiFi Proxy v4.0.6 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Full Battery Theft Alarm Pro v5.3.6r304 [AndroGalaxy].apk
FuTorrent Pro v1.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
FX File Explorer v7.0.3.0 [PlusRoot][AndroGalaxy].apk
GalleryVault Pro v3.6.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
GameGuardian v8.53.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Gesture Lock Screen PRO v2.3.b [AndroGalaxy].apk
GlassWire Data Usage Privacy v1.1.300r [AndroGalaxy].apk
GO SMS Pro Premium v7.55 build 433 [AndroGalaxy].apk
GO Weather Forecast Widgets v6.144 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
GPS Compass Navigator v2.19.9 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
GPS Satellites Viewer v2.2.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Greenify Donate 3.9.8 build 39800 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Headphones Equalizer Premium v2.3.18 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Hide Photos Videos Private Photo Vault v2.6.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
iFont Donate v5.8.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Image to Text (OCR Scanner) v1.50 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) v2.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro v1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v9.3.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
KineMaster Pro Video Editor v4.3.0.10272.GP [AndroGalaxy].apk
Learn English Listening Premium v4.5.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Learn Languages Rosetta Stone v5.0.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Light Manager Pro LED Settings v12.1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
LockMyPix Photo Video Vault v4.4.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Lumyer Augmented Reality FULL v3.3.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
MacroDroid Device Automation v3.21.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.2.2.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Matrix operations premium v3.9.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Matrix operations premium v3.9.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
MAX Video Player v1.0.6 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Memento Database PRO v4.4.5 build 188 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Memorigi Premium Todo List Task v2.2.405 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Memrise Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_4809 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Money Lover Money Manager v3.7.16.2018040602 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Movavi Clips Video Editor Premium v2.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Mp3 Music Player v2.4.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Multi Calculator v1.6.4 build 103 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
MusicAll (Spotify Killer) v2.0.19 [Ad Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer v4.1.0.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
My Xbox Live Friends v4.02 [AndroGalaxy].apk
NDTV News Premium India v8.1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Night Shift Pro Blue Light Filter for Migraine v2.24 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Nine Email Calendar v4.1.7i [AndroGalaxy].apk
Norton Security and Antivirus Premium v4.1.0.4072 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Notification History Log Pro v4.7.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
NumBuster caller name who call v4.3.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Offline Dict
Oxford Dictionary of English Premium v9.1.332 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Package Disabler Pro (All Android) v11.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Package Disabler Pro Samsung (No Root) v11.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Parallel Space Lite PRO v4.0.8466 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Password Manager SafeInCloud v18.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Peak Brain Training v3.7.16 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Perfect Player IPTV v1.4.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Perfect Remote IPTV cast v1.1.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Personal Training Coach v2.11 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Phone Cleaner & Booster Pro v1.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.0.28 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Photo Studio PRO v2.0.14.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PhotoMotion Maker Living Animated Photo Creator v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v1.8.6 build 56 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Pi Music Player v2.6.0.1 build 102 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PicsArt Photo Studio Premium v9.33.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Planit for Photographers Pro v8.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Podcast Addict Donate v3.51.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Podcast Republic Premium v18.04.05R [AndroGalaxy].apk
Polaris Office Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF v7.3.22 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Ponydroid Download Manager v1.4.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Poster Maker,Flyer Designer,Ads Page Designer PRO v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Power Browser Fast Internet Explorer v60.0.2016123039 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PowerDirector Video Editor App v4.11.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Programmers Calculator Pro v8.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Pulsar Music Player v1.7.7 build 112 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quick Volume Controls Pro v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
QuitNow PRO Stop smoking v5.80.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quote Me Pro Write text on photo v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quran Majeed v2.9.84j [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Qute Terminal console Premium v3.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro v5.1.5p [AndroGalaxy].apk
RAM Master Cleaner Pro v5.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
RAR for Android v5.60 build 50 Final [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ReadItToMe Pro Unique Handsfree v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Root Call Blocker Pro v2.6.3.01 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Root Tool Case v1.14.2 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Ruler Material Pro v1.03 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Runtastic PRO Running v8.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Satellite Pointer v4.7.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Scanbot PDF Document Scanner v7.0.1.228 Pro [AndroGalaxy].apk
Scanner Radio Pro v6.8.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Screen Stream Mirroring v2.5.1d [AndroGalaxy].apk
SD Maid Pro v4.10.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Send Anywhere v8.3.29 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Sense Flip Clock Weather v4.27.01 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Service Disabler v1.0.5 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
SHAREit File Transfer v4.0.68_ww [AdFree][AndroGalaxy].apk
Shazam Encore v8.5.0-180326 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Shuttle Music Player v2.0.4 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Sidebar S8 Launcher Edge Action v1.1.5 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Sleep as Android v20180404 build 1895 [AndroGalaxy].apk
SnapTube YouTube Downloader v4.37.0.10721 [Vip][AndroGalaxy].apk
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.4.0 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
SOUND CONTROL PRO v3.0.4 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
SoundHound Music Discovery v8.6.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk v4.1.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Spotify Music Premium v8.4.46.575 Final MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
StayOn Always On Screen Timer v1.71 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].zip
Story Video Editor music stickers Kruso v2.3.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Super Backup Pro v2.2.18 [AndroGalaxy].apk
SuperSU PRO v2.82 SR5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TabShop Point of Sale POS PRO v145 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Tapatalk Forums v7.4.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TeaTV v6.0r [Ad-Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
Terrarium TV HD Movies and TV Shows v1.9.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Test Your Android v5.2.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Times Higher Education v3.0.1.2028.18 [AndroGalaxy].apk
tinyCam PRO v10.0 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Truecaller Caller ID Dialer v8.84.10 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Tubemate v3.0.13 build 1040 [Ad Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
TuneIn Radio Pro v19.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Tweetings for Twitter v11.13.3.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TypIt Pro Text on Photos v1.19 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Unfollow for Instagram Pro v1.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Vault-Hide SMS Premium v6.7.06.22 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast Premium v1.64 [AndroGalaxy].apk
VideoShow Video Editor, Video Maker with Music v7.7.4rc [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk
Voice Changer Voice Effects FX v1.1.0h [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Volume Slider Like Android P v1.23 [AndroGalaxy].apk
VPN Master v1.7.0 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
WA Delete for Everyone View Deleted Messages v3.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Walking Odometer Pro Premium v3.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
We re Working Out Al Kavadlo Premium v1.5.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
WeatherPro Premium v4.8.8.3 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
WiFi Mouse Pro v3.4.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
WiFi OnOff PRO v1.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Windfinder PRO v3.1.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Wiseplay Premium v5.7.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.8.4.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
X-plore File Manager v3.98.31 [AndroGalaxy].apk
YMusic YouTube music downloader v2.4.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Your Calendar Widget v1.16.1 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
YouTube 13.11.57 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
Zapping Radio v1.7.4 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ZEDGE Ringtones Wallpapers v5.38.8 [AdFree][AndroGalaxy].apk
zetaTorrent Pro Torrent App v3.7.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk