Android - Only Paid Apps - Week 20 2019 [AndroGalaxy]

App List :

[Substratum] FAB v1 [Patched].apk
[Substratum] Flare [Unreleased] v0.20 [Patched].apk
[Substratum] Mono Art v29 [Patched].apk
0Ground v5.7 [Patched].apk
0Ground2 v1.5 [Patched].apk
1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache, history, call log) v3.52 [Mod Lite+AOSP].apk
90s - Glitch VHS & Vaporwave Video Effects Editor v1.4.7 [Premium].apk
ABC Keyboard - TouchPal v7.0.6.0 [Premium].apk
Accurate Weather Report Pro v16.6.0.46620_46691.apk
ACMarket v4.5.0 [Mod].apk
Adobe Spark Post Graphic design made easy v3.2.3 [Unlocked].apk
Advanced Calculator FX 991 ES PLUS & 991 MS PLUS v4.0.4-beta [Premium].apk
AirBrush Easy Photo Editor v3.14.6 [Premium].apk
Akinator VIP v7.0.7 [Paid].apk
Alarm clock Pro v7.0.5 [Paid].apk
All GPS Tools Pro (Compass, Weather, Map Location) v2.6.2 [Mod].apk
AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.2.1.r5602 [Paid].apk
Amber Weather v3.9.0 [Mod Debloated].apk
Anoo Icon v1.2.5 [Patched].apk
App Backup & Share Pro v10.1.0 [Paid].apk
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD, h-i-d-e and Freeze apps) v4.71 [Patched].apk
Ariela Pro - Home Assistant Client v1.3.3.1 [Paid].apk
Athys v2.0 [Patched].apk
AtomicClock - NTP Time v1.6.3 [Pro].apk
Audiomack - Download New Music v4.6.3 [Unlocked].apk
AutomateIt Pro v4.0.241 [Paid].apk
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root v5.1.4 build 50123 [Premium].apk
B1ack Scorpion v3.6 [Patched].apk
Binoculars 35x Zoom Night Mode (Photo and Video) v2.2.2 [Pro].apk
BlueWay - Smart Bluetooth v3.7.4.0 [Paid].apk
Camalen KWGT v1.02 [Paid].apk
CamCard - BCR (Western) v7.24.5.20190510(Paid).apk
Car dashdroid - Car infotainment v2.3.12 [Premium].apk
Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus v7.1.4 b70146110 [VIP].apk
Collage Maker Collage Editor & Photo Editor v1.0.4 [PRO].apk
Compass GPS Pro Military Compass with Camera v1.8 [Pro].apk
Computer launcher PRO 2019 for Win 10 themes v7.3 [Unlocked].apk
Dark Infusion Substratum Theme for N, O and Pie v20.01 [Patched].apk
Earth & Moon Parallax 3D Live Live Wallpaper v0.7 [Paid].apk
Eclectic Icons v1.2.9 [Patched].apk
edge [substratum] v7.7 [Patched].apk
EX Kernel Manager v5.02 [Patched].apk
Exercise Timer v7.008 [Premium].apk
Firefly KWGT v1.04 [Paid].apk
Fitplan Train with Athletes v2.6.8 [Subscribed].apk
FotMob-Live Football Scores v100.0.6609.201901505(Unlocked).apk
Fuchsia KWGT - Gradient Based Widgets v3.8 [Paid].apk
Funky icon pack v5.0.0 [Patched].apk
Galaxy Notification v1.2.3 [Premium].apk
Good alarm clock without ads with music and widget v1.1 [Premium].apk
HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS v2.0.13119.apk
HibyMusic v3.2.0-build-5702 [Mod].apk
Impala Kwgt v3.9 [Paid].apk
Ineclectic - Material Design Iconpack v1.0.9 [Patched].apk
Learn with Talking Translator v7.4.9 [Premium].apk
LED Keyboard Lighting - Mechanical Keyboard RGB v5.2.7.1 [Pro].apk
Listen Audiobook Player v4.5.14 [Patched].apk
Local Weather Pro v16.6.0.46620_46691.apk
Lucky Patcher v8.3.8 [Mod Color].apk
Lucky Patcher v8.3.8 Installer.apk
Lucky Patcher v8.3.8 Standalone.apk
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.7.1.1 [Premium].apk
Map Coordinates v4.8.15 [Pro].apk
Maps - Navigate & Explore v10.15.3 [Final].apk
Meditation Music - Relax, Yoga v3.3.0 [Premium].apk
Mi X Launcher - MI 10 Launcher + v4.6 [Prime].apk
MineChat v13.0.3 [Paid].apk
Mobile Storage Analyzer Save Space Memory Cleaner v1.1.1[PRO].apk
Monitor for Nicehash v2.2.1 [Premium].apk
Music Plus - MP3 Player v1.8.1 [Paid].apk
MX Player v1.10.58 [Unlocked AC3 DTS] [ML].apk
My CookBook Pro (Ad Free) v5.1.16 [Patched].apk
Nature Sounds v3.3.0 [Unlocked].apk
OfficeSuite - Office, PDF, Word Sheets Slides Note v10.5.19326 [Premium Mod].apk
Online Radio Box - free player v1.4.187 [Pro].apk
Oxford Italian Dictionary v10.0.463 [Premium].apk
Password Safe - Secure Password Manager v6.3.1 build 63006 [Pro].apk
Periodic Table 2019 Pro v0.1.80 [Paid].apk
Photo Translator v7.2.1 [Premium].apk
Photo Watch 2 (Android Wear 2) v4.8.3 [Paid].apk
PhotoGrid Video & Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor v7.08 build 70800003 [Premium].apk
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v1.9.4 build 74 [Paid].apk
Plex for Android v7.16.0.10335 [Beta] [Unlocked] ARM.apk
Plex for Android v7.16.0.10335 [Beta] [Unlocked] ARM64.apk
Quick Converter v1.7 [Paid].apk
Quran TV v1.2h [Premium].apk
Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax v3.3.0 [Premium].apk
Retro Music Player v3.1.400_0409 [Pro] [SAP].apk
S Photo Editor - Collage Maker v2.52 build 116 [Unlocked].apk
Screen Stream Mirroring v2.5.7c [Patched].apk
SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v4.14.11 [Final] [Pro] LIC.apk
SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v4.14.11 [Final] [Pro] Unlocked.apk
SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v4.14.11 [Final] [Pro].apk
SeriesGuide Show & Movie Manager v49 [Beta-2] [Premium].apk
Seven - 7 Minute Workout v8.2.1 [Unlocked].apk
Smoon UI - Squircle Icon Pack v1.0.1 [Patched].apk
SoundHound - Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player v8.9.10 [Paid].apk v4.4.4 [Mod Lite] ARM.apk v4.4.4 [Mod Lite] x86.apk
Spotify - Music and Podcasts v8.5.6.673 [Final] [Mod].apk
TextNow Free Texting & Calling App v6.25.0.1 [Premium].apk
TickTick To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner v5.0.2 build 5023 [Pro].apk
TouchPal Emoji Keyboard v7.0.6.0 [Premium].apk
Translucent Substratum Theme v3.72 [Patched].apk
Truecaller Caller ID, spam blocking & call record v10.31.7 [Pro].apk
UPDATE SOFTWARE PRO v3.0.0 [Unlocked].apk
Vape Tool Pro v15.05.2019-pro [Patched].apk
VIMAGE - cinemagraph animator & live photo editor v1.6.2.0 [Premium].apk
VivaVideo - Video Editor & Photo Movie v7.11.1 [Unlocked].apk
VPN Client Pro v1.00.031 [Premium].apk
Weather Station v3.8.0 [Unlocked].apk
Web Video Cast Browser to TV Chromecast Roku + v4.5.3 build 1742 [Premium Mod].apk
WHITELIST - Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram v2.0-pro [Paid].apk
WiFi Mouse Pro v3.5.4 [Paid].apk
WiFox v32.0 [Paid].apk
XPERIA Music (Walkman) v9.4.4.A.0.2 Stable [Mod ML].apk
X-VPN - Free Unlimited VPN Proxy v96 [Premium].apk