Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Professional v6.6.3 Multilanguage
Spanish Included | Medicine Inc. | 378MB | Windows 11/10/8/7


Purely professional performance. No wait. rekordbox dj puts all of Pioneer's excellent DJ expertise into one package to produce the industry's fastest and most stable software with sublime sound quality.


professional sound quality
Purely professional. rekordbox dj employs the sound processing of the top-tier CDJ-2000NXS player and DJM-900NXS mixer to deliver superior sound quality.
Lowest latency in the business
No wait. rekordbox dj has the industry's fastest response time for natural and reliable control.

mix of various platforms
Mixture. Remix. Magic. Just like a professional remix station. Play with 2 or 4 decks and use Pioneer DJ controllers to access plug & play features like Hot Cues, Slicer and Slip Mode.

Visual brilliance. Virtual Harmony.
rekordbox dj's graphical user interface fits seamlessly into your hardware layout no matter what player or device you're using, including the new DDJ-RR and DDJ-RB. It is simply the simplest and most intuitive software imaginable. Effects, waveform, players, sampler, and browser reflect your hardware exactly, and you can choose between 2/4 decks with landscape or portrait view. Hot Cues, Sample and other effects offer intuitive operation to match the same layout as the pad control section on our DJ controller.

what you see is what you get
Find tracks quickly and easily using rekordbox's enhanced browsing.

automatic mixing
With rekordbox dj Automix, you can easily mix your playlist with confidence and precision. Track phrases are detected by a completely new phrase analysis algorithm in rekordbox's KORETECH engine. In addition, Automix uses track information such as beat position, BPM, and key to produce natural mixes. You are free to scratch, apply FX and change the order of the tracks whenever you want.

Upload your DJ Mix easily
Use rekordbox to record your sets and share them with the world via social media channels including Mixcloud, YouTube and KUVO. When you load your mix, rekordbox automatically adds all track titles and timestamps, so listeners can check each track title as they enjoy your set.

More lights, more action
It is not a show without music and lights. The new lighting mode makes synchronizing your show lights a breeze, while giving you more room to be creative. The new software features an algorithm that automatically detects variations of each phrase in a song to produce perfectly timed lighting effects. That leaves you free to focus on your music. But if you want more control, the lighting mode gives it to you.

One music library, unlimited control
Bring your entire rekordbox library and DJ performance experience to almost any controller or CDJ. Or use HID support to play from your laptop with a CDJ or XDJ setup. rekordbox dj gives you access to more than just music. Its complete suite, complete with cues and tags, can be shared across platforms and devices while unifying managed music tracks with ease. Once you have rekordbox dj rolling, the show will undoubtedly go on.







Enjoy.. !!