Features of the game:

Write your own viking saga - improved RPG mechanics will allow you to influence character development and the world around you. Each choice you make - your choice of an ally, a tactic in combat, a dialogue option, or an item of equipment - will shape your own path to glory.

Combat system - fight, holding an ax or a sword in both hands, or use a weapon in combination with a shield. Master the merciless Viking combat system. Chop off heads with an uncompromising blow, eliminate opponents from afar, or use a stealthy blade while stealthily approaching your target. Challenge yourself against the richest set of ruthless foes in Assassin's Creed history.

Open world in the dark ages - take a journey from the mysterious and harsh shores of Norway to the beautiful but inaccessible kingdoms of England and beyond. Experience the Viking lifestyle by fishing and hunting, or spending time playing and drinking.

Arrange raids - fight the Saxons and storm their fortresses throughout England. Arrange swift attacks on drakkars and devastate enemy territories to provide your people with resources.

Develop your village - build and upgrade buildings - barracks, smithy, tattoo workshop and much more - creating a well-developed system. Hire new people to the clan and personalize the gameplay as a Viking.

Mercenary Vikings - Create a unique Viking warrior with a customizable appearance in your clan and share the character with your friends online - they can use it during raids.

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8Gb

Video card: GTX 960

Hard Drive Memory: 64Gb


37.35 GB