What you will learn :
Master the fundamentals of Python
Understand data structures, loops, functions and generators
Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP)
Master Git and Github to share your code on the internet
Create and publish Python packages you can share with the whole world
Learn how to web scrape websites
Build and deploy GUI apps
Speech to Text apps
Master SQL with SQLite
Build web apps with Flask
Create a portfolio of projects on your GitHub account

Requirements :
Internet connection
Ideally 5GB of space on computer for downloading and installing software packages
Participate in creating a GitHub and portfolio website
Willingness to learn
No programming experience required. Beginners are very welcome!

Des--cription :
Throughout this course, you'll having a growing portfolio of Python apps and advance code that you've built and put on your personal GitHub account for the whole world to see!

Every time you complete a project, we'll push it to GitHub.

We'll cover the fundamentals of Python with lectures, projects, quizzes and coding exercises.

Who this course is for? :
Anyone new to programming
Anyone who comes from another programming background e.g. JavaS--cript.


Master Python and GitHub with Real World Projects [2023].iso - 9.3 GB