Rating: 7.2/10 Year: 2022 Genres: Drama / Sci-Fi Runtime: 104 min Language: French / English Director: Stรฉphane Lafleur Writers: Eric K. Boulianne / Stรฉphane Lafleur Cast: Steve Laplante / Larissa Corriveau / Fabiola Nyrva Aladinโ€ฆ Plot:

The first manned flight to Mars is underway and the organizers of the mission are worried about the astronauts and if they will be able to get along to achieve their objectives. They recruit a "crew" of civilians who exhibit the same personality traits of the astronauts and ask them to live in a mission to Mars simulation in the desert. Soon the five faux astronauts assume their new roles trying to problem solve for the personality conflicts and scenarios presented to them by the organizers. Will they be able to work together to provide solutions for the astronauts on Mars? Or will this replicated crew face on Earth the same challenges? Written by KS at

ทีมวิจัยด้านพฤติกรรมสังเกตและพยายามจำลองประสบการณ์ ของภารกิจส่งมนุษย์ไปยังดาวอังคารครั้งแรก

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